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For the Love of Place, Bag it Duluth!

We are a diverse group of Duluth citizens, businesses and organizations that care deeply about our community and have come together to promote zero waste strategies. We are working to shift a cultural mindset away from disposal and single use towards a livable economy that works for all and future generations.

As education by itself is not sufficient, we advocate for voluntary and City Council policy change. Following the model set by communities across the nation and globe, we support legislation that would encourage reusable carry-out bags and environmentally preferable to-go containers. We embrace efforts to reduce plastic straws and promote zero waste.

What we've Learned

What we Believe

The City of Duluth is recognized as a national leader for its support and promotion of active living and the outdoor environment. Our community has a demonstrated “love of place” for the natural beauty we share. Our City has made sustainability a governing principle in its comprehensive plan and has passed a variety of resolutions supporting environmental stewardship.Yet, as creatures of habit, good intention doesn't always translate into changed behavior.

This effort helps connect the different values we individually embrace, linking us as a community:

  • as an outdoor City, we want to show case and keep our landscapes and water clean
  • we are an award winning City, one that leads the state and country
  • we are a City and community that cares about our children and future generations
  • we are prudent and use our financial and natural resources wisely
  • we work to minimize and alleviate unnecessary suffering to wildlife
  • we are a City that shares an upspoken feeling about the sacred beauty and connection we feel to this place we call home

Fortunately, many businesses and citizens already practice many of the behaviors the legislation aims to encourage.

bag it Slang 1. To cease participating in an activity
Bag it Film and Discussion
Join us January 17th at 6:30 PM at St. Paul's Church, 1710 E. Superior St. for a discussion and screening of the award winning film Bag it.

Add Your Name to the Pledge!

Take a look at the many hundreds of Duluthians that have added their name to the Bag it Duluth Zero Waste Pledge! Join them, by adding your name here!
Duluth New Tribune Op-Ed by Bag it Coordinator Jamie Harvie. "When the bathtub is overflowing, common sense tells us to first turn off the tap. more

Duluth City Council: It is Time to Act!

The list of cities supporting initiative similar to the Bag it Duluth proposal just keeps growing by the hundreds.  Here are links to some select examples:  Lunenberg and other cities in Massacheusets have joined Damariscotta, Newcastle and Waterville an 17 other Maine communities who have passed plastic bag bans.  Charleston, NC just passed the first reading of their bag ordinance. Similarly, the Council in Long Beach Island, NJ  and Anchorage, Alaska  passed similar ordinances while in a November ballot initiative citizens in Chicago voted by a margin of 55% to support of a ban on plastic straws.  Do you wonder why Duluth city councilors are failing to act? Please call or email your Duluth City councilors directly and ask directly. There contact information is here.

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