Bag it Duluth
or the Love of Place!

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With our many growing seasons under our belt, Growing Farms is making long range plans.  

Modeled after similar farm incubator, social enterprise organizations such as Intervale, DCF is looking for volunteers and donations. If you have time, energy and/or wisdom that you'd like to share, please contact us!

How Can I Help?

We are getting many questions from teachers, children, businesses, organizations and citizens. Here are some suggestions about how you can get involved:

Add you name as an individual, buisness or organization to our list of supporters.

Engage your organization or favorite business and ask them to add their name in support.

Call or email your City Councilors to let them know you support our proposal and would like them to enact legislation.

Host a screening of the film Bag it in your school, organization, or with friends. For a copy, contact Sally Munger at 728-0711 or via email!

Host a reusable bag collection event and donate bags to our local community service organizations such as CHUM.

Thank those organizations that have added their name in support and join you in a shared love of place.

Print out any of these business cards on thick paper or cardstock and give them to your favorite retailer or business. One asks them to stop using styrofoam, the other thanks them for using environmentally responsible to-go containers.

Don't forget to bring a reusable bag to the store and model how to act and think differently!