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With our new growing season on its way, we have a few more farmers ready to use the land, and learn new skills.
Modeled after similar farm incubator, social enterprise organizations such as Intervale, Growing Farms is looking for volunteers and donations. If you have time, energy and/or wisdom that you'd like to share, please contact us!
Reusable Bag Collection Network

Across Duluth, many homes have an excess of reusable bags. Moreover, many businesses have expressed interest in supporting the transition to reusable bags through donation. The Reusable Bag Collection Network (RBCN) is a group of organizations working to ensure that reusable bags are provided to those with limited means or limited access to bags.

Have a Donation?

If you have new, or clean, lightly used bags to donate, please reach out to any member of the RBCN listed below.

Willing to Accept Lightly Used Bags?
If you are a not for profit organization willing to receive bags for donation to those with limited means please fill in the following form. How and where you distribute any bag donation is at your discretion.  They may be provided to members of your congregation/organization, to a social service organization, or elsewhere.

In Need of a Reusable Bag?
Call or visit any of these organizations. Bag availability not guaranteed!

Reusable Bag Collection Network Members